Welcome to Wasware from Cambridge in UK. Wasware is a subsidary company of Cambond, which has developed plant based bio-adhesive system for wood panel industry. Wasware is set to develop and market novel biocomposite to turn many “waste” into valuables. A reusable coffee cup made from spent coffee grounds is just one of the products created using Cambond’s bioadhesive developed by Wasware Ltd. Wasware also can turn agricultural waste such as straw, fruit and vegetables into eco-friendly alternatives to plastics. Wasware won the third place for it’s novel bioceramic material derived from biomass waste in London Chengdu International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2018.


The public perception of poor waste management in the coffee sector has driven the search for solutions in two areas: Better waste management (specialist re-cycling schemes) and niche uses of waste.

The market size for recycled paper from cups is < £250K and for coffee waste < £100,000*.

Re-useable cups are a standard feature of many supermarkets, homeware stores and department stores. This is a very varied market sector with a widespread range of offerings 

The specialist market is expanding at a rapid rate (more than 15% a year). This is being driven by public awareness of the waste issue spurred by PR campaigns run by Hubbub and City councils in Manchester and London, campaigners (e.g. Fearnley-Whittingstall) on BBC/Channel 4 and promotional activities run by coffee companies themselves where discounts (£0.25) are offered to customers who have a re-useable cup.

There is also campaigning activity to encourage the Government to legislate for a levy on disposable cups (£0.10 -25) to discourage use in the manner in which plastic bag use was reduced.



There is a growing awareness of the issues around agricultural waste, food waste, for example coffee waste and waste from food processing. Increasingly strident campaigns to resolve the food waste problem is overwhelming. Wasware is pioneering to develop a new generation of homeware products that are friends of the planet to turn waste into valuables.  

Wasware currently develop WASBEANS which is reusable coffee cups from Coffee Waste. It will harness the technology from scientific research to the abundant waste streams and with world class design make valuable and desirable products. Another application field are furniture and construction products from stream of single used coffee cup waste. 

Working with the team in NIAB’s Eastern Agri-Tech Innovation Hub ( https://www.innovationhubuk.co.uk ), WASWARE is doing business to market its products and technology in waste management in the food and drink sector and tackling the problem caused by single-use plastic packaging to have the impact for a better planet.



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